What’s In the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle?

Are you wondering what you might get in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle? Wonder no more, as that’s what we’ll talk about in this article. We’ll also discuss whether this Bundle is worth buying, but first – let’s check the contents.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle Contents

Each Thunder Junction Bundle contains:

  • 9 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play boosters
  • 30 basic lands (15 non-foil, 15 foil)
  • 1 promo card
  • a spindown life counter
  • a storage box
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle

If you’re an experienced player, you probably know what those items are. If you’re not, or if you just want a refresher, we’ll talk about all of them in more detail in these next sections.

Play Boosters

The most value of a Bundle comes from the 9 Play boosters. Bundles from previous years typically contained 8 Set boosters, which were since discontinued. Anyway, the added booster is certainly a big plus.

A Play booster can contain multiple rares, but on average comes with 1.45 (At least that was the number for the previous set.) Thus, you can typically expect around 13 rares in those nine boosters.

If you want, you can learn more about these, and other boosters in our MTG Booster Pack Guide.

Basic Lands

There are 30 basic lands in each Thunder Junction Bundle. Beginners can always find an use for basics, but even the enfranchised players will enjoy these. Why? Because there are also full-art Western basic lands included, as well as foil lands.

Plains Outlaws of Thunder Junction Basics

The full distribution is as follows:

  • 10 regular non-foil lands
  • 10 regular foil lands
  • 5 full-art non-foil Western lands
  • 5 full-art foil Western lands

Promo Card

As usual, there’s also a foil promo card included. This one is the same card across all Bundles. This time around, the card in question is The Key to the Vault.

The Key to the Vault Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle Promo

This is a neat equipment, that can make for some broken plays, when it does work out. The card also appears in the main set, but the one in the Bundle has an alternate artwork and comes in foil.

Storage Box

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle Box Design

Another remarkable feature of the Bundle is the sturdy box. It’s not used just for packaging, but it can serve you for a long time as card storage. It easily holds all the cards you’ll open in the 9 Play boosters, and has plenty of rooms for other too.

Many players like it especially because, you can open the boosters, put the cards back in, and store them on the shelf. No need for cards to lay all over your room. On top of that, the box always comes with a neat design. As you saw above, this time around, it depicts a Thunder Junction train.

Now you know all about the Outlaws Bundle contents, so now it’s time to move to the big question.

Is Thunder Junction Bundle Worth Buying?

That depends on what you want from it, and the price you’re getting.

So, first you need to ask yourself if you like the extras. Do you want to get the added basic lands and the storage box? If the answer is yes, then the Bundle is typically a good purchase. On the other hand, if you aren’t interested in all of its parts, then it’s not that great of a buy.

If you’re only interested in Play boosters, then it’s a better idea to just buy those instead. You’ll typically get more boosters per dollar spent.

Now the final thing is the price. These Bundles typically start selling at most places for around $50. That’s a reasonable price. However, sometimes the price drops to $40, which is a great deal, especially if you’re willing to wait a little post release.

However, if the price is significantly above $50, you should probably avoid it, as there are better products to get for that price range. (Such as many Commander precons.)

Want to Know More About Thunder Junction?

That’s all about the Thunder Junction Bundle. If you have any other questions about it, let us know in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.

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Until next time, have fun, and may you open something great in your Bundle!

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