Duskmourn Commander Precons: Decklists & Spoilers

Are you a Commander play, who enjoys the horror genre? In that case, you might want to mark you calendar on September 27th, 2024. That’s the release date for Duskmourn Commander decks. While that’s still some time in the future, there’s already some information available.

Packaging, colors, and general themes were revealed for all four decks. So, let’s dive right in and check that out.

Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker Duskmourn Commander Decks
  • Theme: See the future, cast miracles.
  • Colors: White, blue, black
  • Main Commander: Aminatou (returning character)

Draw your power from destiny. — Use fate-shifting powers to cast miracles and see a future where you’re the one winning the game

If you’re a newer player, you might wonder what are miracles. These are cards with the miracle mechanic. When you draw your first card for the turn, if it has miracle, you may reveal it, and and can cast it for less mana.

One such example would be Temporal Mastery, an extra turn spell. It costs seven mana, but it can be cast for just two, if it’s the first card you draw in a turn. Now that’s a really big gap in power level. If you can guarantee to cast it for cheap, then it’s probably quite strong. If only there was a way to control the top of your deck.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of those effects, be it with scry effects or with cards like Brainstorm. Since this deck can “see the future”, you can expect a lot of such effects, setting up the top of your deck in order to unleash powerful miracle spells.

Jump Scare!

Jump Scare Duskmourn Commander Decks
  • Theme: Tricky instants, mysterious face-down cards.
  • Colors: Blue, green
  • Main Commander: Zimone (returning character)

Quick! Behind you! — Invite the element of surprise with tricky instants and lay out mysterious face-down cards to keep ‘em guessing, then flip them over to spring your traps

Would you look at that? Here’s a Simic deck that isn’t all about drawing cards and ramping. (Although, there’s surely be some of that in the deck.) Instead, you’ll try to keep your opponents guessing, when you’re playing with Jump Scare precon. How?

One option will be with instants. It’s likely that some of the new cards are going to be weird instants. Although, to be fair, there’s certainly no lack of possible reprints, such as Wrong Turn and Sudden Substitotion.

The other option for confusing your opponents is by the use of face-down creatures. These were somewhat under-powered in the previous years, but with disguise mechanic In Murder of Karlov Manor it got much needed boost. Now, with another deck with face-down creatures, your opponents really won’t know what to expect with multiple viable options in Commander.

It certainly looks like this deck is a front-runner for everyone who likes playing mind games with their opponents.

Endless Punishment

Endless Punishment Duskmourn Commander Decks
  • Theme: Punish your opponents, make them pay.
  • Colors: Black, red
  • Main Commander: unknown

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. — Become the House that always wins and dish out damage to all who enter your halls until you see your new tenants evicted . . . permanently

First thing about this deck, the commander’s artwork looks absolutely metal. I can’t wait to see what this card will do, but hopefully, it’s something powerful and fun. However, it’s pretty hard to predict what that might be.

Contrary to the other Duskmourn Commander precons, the description doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the deck. Punishing your opponents and making them pay, leaves a lot open to interpretation. The most likely thing is some kind of a punisher mechanic.

That mechanic gives your opponents choices, but both choices are bad for them. Some examples of such cards include ">Tyrannize and Bellowing Mauler. Perhaps, there’ll be such effects in the Endless Punishment precon.

Death Toll

Death Toll Duskmourn Commander Decks
  • Theme: Fill your graveyard, reanimate monsters.
  • Colors: Black, green
  • Main Commander: unknown

Do what it takes to survive. — Send your cold dead cards into the graveyard, the return your heavy hitters from the great beyond and rise victorious!

We’re wrapping up with what looks like a very traditional Golgari reanimator deck. You’ll fill your graveyard, probably by self-milling, or perhaps with some discard effects. Then, you’ll return your creatures directly to the battlefield.

It’s going to be interesting to see what new twist Wizards will add to this theme. While they do tend to reuse some popular themes, they typically change some things. Perhaps the reanimation will be tied to some new mechanic that’ll appear in the Duskmourn main set.


That’s everything for now about the Duskmourn Commander decks, more information is coming later. In the meantime, feel free to check Bloomburrow Commander decks, which are releasing sooner.

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