Quick Draw Precon: Decklist & Spoilers

Playing one spell per turn is no fun. It’s much better to do lots and lots of stuff instead. Do you agree with this statement? If so, you’re going to really like the Quick Draw precon. In this article, you’ll find the complete decklist, as well as all the new cards that appear in this deck.

Before we start with that, let’s quickly talk about the deck’s theme, and check the main commander.

Lots of Action Per Turn

As mention, this deck is centered around casting multiple spells per turn. Not only will such a turn be quite exciting, but you’ll receive various rewards for doing so.

Quick Draw Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Decks

Your early turns will be spend in preparation for a big turn later on. You’ll want to use the new plot mechanic, which allows you to spend mana now to get a free spell later. Then, when everything is lined up, you’re going to unleash a bunch of spells and really put yourself in a winning position.

In a way, this play similarly to the storm mechanic. You’re losing tempo early in order to get it back with an interest later on. Of course, your main commander works with this mechanic.

Stella Lee, Wild Card

Stella Lee, Wild Card Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Precons

Your also need to set up a special turn in order to take advantage of Stella’s abilities. However, if you do so, there’s a big payoff awaiting you.

Whenever you’ll cast your second spell in a turn, you get to exile the top card of your library. You can play it until the end of your next turn. Neat, but not too backbreaking or anything like that.

The true power comes from its last ability. It allows you to copy one of your instant and sorcery spells by simply tapping Stella without paying any additional costs. Of course there is a restriction. In order to do so, you need to cast at least three spells in a turn.

Typically, you’ll want to put the spell you want to copy on the stack as your third spell for the turn. At that point, you can already activate Stella and get some big value. This is certainly a unique commander, and a fun one at that, provided you can make it work.

Quick Draw Decklist

Commander (1)
Stella Lee, Wild Card

Creatures (16)
Archmage Emeritus
Bloodthirsty Adversary
Electrostatic Field
Goblin Electromancer
Haughty Djinn
Kaza, Roil Chaser
Murmuring Mystic
Niv-Mizzet, Parun
Octavia, Living Thesis
Storm-Kiln Artist
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Third Path Iconoclast
Veyran, Voice of Duality
Young Pyromancer

Instants (9)
Arcane Denial
Big Score
Chaos Warp
Dig Through Time
Galvanic Iteration
Radical Idea
Think Twice

Sorceries (18)
Baral’s Expertise
Curse of the Swine
Deep Analysis
Epic Experiment
Expressive Iteration
Faithless Looting
Finale of Promise
Finale of Revelation
Mizzix’s Mastery
Rousing Refrain
Serum Visions
Tezzeret’s Gambit
Treasure Cruise
Volcanic Torrent

Enchantments (3)
Arcane Bombardment
Shark Typhoon
Lands (38)
Cascade Bluffs
Command Tower
Exotic Orchard
Ferrous Lake
Frostboil Snarl
Izzet Boilerworks
Reliquary Tower
Shivan Reef
Sulfur Falls
Temple of Epiphany
Temple of the False God
13 Mountain
14 Island

Artifacts (6)
Arcane Signet
Cursed Mirror
Izzet Signet
Midnight Clock
Sol Ring
Winged Boots

New Cards* (9)
Crackling Spellslinger
Elemental Eruption
Eris, Roar of the Storm
Forger’s Foundry
Leyline Dowser
Lock and Load
Pyretic Charge
Smoldering Stagecoach
Thunderclap Drake

*The new cards might not be showing yet. You can find them in the gallery below.

Quick Draw Spoilers

Eris, Roar of the Storm Quick Draw Decklist

Quick Draw Upgrade Ideas

Before we wrap up, here are some ideas for cards that you might want to add to this deck. These are just the top 3 cards that will make this deck stronger and more fun. If you’re interested you can find the full Quick Draw Upgrade Guide here.

Cerulean Wisps

Cerulean Wisps Quick Draw Upgrade Guide

First up here’s an extremely cheap instant that draws you a card. You already want such cards, as they allow you to easily cast multiple spells in a turn. However, this one has one major upside, as it untaps a creature.

You’ll want to target Stella Lee with it, as that allows you to potentially copy two spells in a turn. You could even copy the same spell twice, if that’s something you want. Cerulean Wisps really fits into this deck perfectly without a doubt.

Other similar effects include cards like Refocus, Twitch, and Wrangle, each with their own pros, but they all cost more than one mana, which is a significant downside.

Thousand-Year Storm

Thousand-Year Storm Quick Draw Precon Spoilers

Sometimes, your commander is removed too many times, so you should have a plan B. Now that plan doesn’t need to different much from your plan A. You can achieve that by including cards that work similarly as your commander.

In this case, Thousand-Year Storm really works nicely. It rewards you for casting multiple spells (just instant and sorceries) by getting you additional copies. Just like Stella Lee!

This enchantment can be a centerpiece of some really fun an explosive turns. It should be one of the first cards you add to the Quick Draw precon.

Twinning Staff

Twinning Staff Stella Lee Upgrade Ideas

Now this last card is more fun than powerful on its own. It only works when you’re already doing quite well. However, it does make your powerful turns even more broken, which can be quite fun.

An alternate option worth considering would be Primal Amulet.

What About the Other Decks?

That’s a quick overview of the Quick Draw precon. What do you think about this deck? Let us know in the comments below. If you like it, you can preorder it on Amazon, so you’ll be able to get it ASAP.

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Until next time, have fun, and may you manage to copy lots of big spells with Stella Lee.

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